We visited an exhibition in Germany

Agriculture is our hobby and so we decided to make a small trip to Germany in November 2018 and at the same time learn what is new in the world of farm animal breeding. At that time, the EuroTier 2018, the world’s leading trade fair took place in Hannover, the city with the world’s largest exhibition area and we could not miss it.

We were excited. 2, 6000 exhibitors from 62 countries around the world presented themselves during these four days on the exhibition area of more than 260,000 m2. Most of the exhibitors were specialists from foreign countries, especially from China, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The guiding theme of the fair was ‘’Digital Animal Farming’’. We had the opportunity to listen to the top experts in the field of agriculture who lectured on breeding technologies, feeding techniques and transport services.
We had a chance to deepen our knowledge in the field of livestock marketing, environmental protection, but other topics also caught our attention, such as bioenergy and many others.

We have gained a lot of new experience and important information that we will present to you in 2019.