Why choose our company?

Our goal is to build a solid relationship with our customers and be a reliable partner for them.

We are represented throughout the Slovak Republic.

We have our own truck transport.

We work directly with:

  • State Veterinary and Food Administration of the Slovak Republic
  • Research Institute for Animal Production
  • Official Associations and breed associations of all breeds of beef cattle and sheep in Slovakia.

News and information

We are active and we like to educate ourselves. We keep track of what is happening in our field all over the world, we collect news, we prepare exhibitions and other events. Read more about the events we are planning for you.


SEVITA, s.r.o.

In our company we deal with raw cows' milk trade and breeding cattle marketing all over Slovakia. We have our own trucks, therefore you do not need to worry about transportation as we take care of everything. Transport of livestock, pigs, sheep and goats is also one of the services we provide.

With us you do not have to worry about anything unexpected as all the members on our team are ready to help at any time.
Should there be a problem, we are ready to deal with it immediately or offer you other options leading to mutual satisfaction.