Take a break, relax!

The key to success of SEVITA lies in our perfect team full of great people. We maintain friendly relations with our colleagues outside of work and we have decided we do deserve a good dose of fun as a reward for the hard work we had done.

Together with our partner company VITAGO, we put our heads together and planned a team building. We enjoyed three days of time spent together in the High Tatras.

We were looking forward to this trip a lot. When we arrived in the High Tatras, we could feel the fresh air right away and of course seeing the beautiful mountains we could not resist the urge of having a fun snowball fight. We had a rich program. We had a truly relaxing experience in the wellness centre, we played football and we also tried a game in the laser arena. Then we enjoyed a great dinner together with a glass of wine, which was a perfect ending to this perfect day.

But as we all know, time flies when you are having fun and soon our trip was over. This trip was filled with memories, we shared lots of smiles, laughter and most importantly we strengthened our mutual relations and pumped ourselves up with positive energy for the next period.